6 of the best butt plugs on the market right now

Are you looking for a new butt plug? From standard plugs, anal training kits, and curved wands to textured plugs, we’ll show you six of the best butt plugs on the market right now!

Are you in the market for your first anal toy, or are you an advanced user, and you want to expand your butt plug collection? Currently, the market for sex toys is massive, and there’s a big chance that the wide range of butt plug choices could confuse you at first. That’s why we’re going to show you some of our top picks for the best butt plugs available today!

Even though most butt plugs are made of silicone or steel, the toys on this list are made of glass. Glass is hypoallergenic, waterproof, phthalate-free, non-porous, and 100% body-safe. Plus, it feels fantastic when inserted, and it simply looks amazing! If you want to improve your sex life or experiment with anal play, prostate stimulation, stretching, or similar, check out six of the best butt plugs on the market right now!

Rbenxia glass anal plugs

If you love to experiment and want to try out a bunch of different plugs for foreplay or anal training, this seven-pack set from Rbenxia is the best option! For just $27, the Rbenxia glass anal plug set provides seven different butt plug sizes and shapes to keep your or your partner’s booty entertained for hours!

Additionally, the plugs in this set are all crafted out of smooth and incredibly durable borosilicate glass. This material can tolerate high temperatures and work with any lube. Plus, the set offers lots of shapes that you can play with. That includes a standard dome-shaped plug, two curved plugs, two large dildos with anal beads, and more.

Dosha 3-piece glass anal plug kit 

This glass butt plug kit is ideal for anal newbies who are looking to get their first toy. It provides three glass plugs in different sizes that increase gradually. The length of the smallest plug is 4.5 in, and the maximum diameter is 1.1 in. When you get comfortable with this size, simply use the medium-sized plug, which is 4.75 in long with a 1.35 in diameter. The biggest plug has a length of 5.75 in and a diameter of 1.55 in. The sizes provided in this kit are ideal for anal training!

What’s more, all of the plugs have a firm flared base to prevent you from pushing them in too far. This kit is also fantastic for temperature play, and this is something that you won’t get with silicone butt plugs. If you want to try a different sensation, just store the glass plugs in the fridge. They’ll heat up gradually when you slide them in!

Don wand glass pleasure plug

The Don Wand Pleasure Plug is undoubtedly the best glass plug on the market today! It may look basic, but that’s just the point! This small plug has a smooth tapered shape and a width that increases from 1 to 1 and ¾ in. The total length is 3 and ¾ in. Plus, the toy has a wide large flared base that you can grip while exploring your booty.

What’s more, the taper is just right, and it ensures that your toy will never fall out. The extended width also increases the plug’s tolerance for hot and cool temperatures. It can stay warm or cool for a long time to give you the ultimate temperature play experience! The Pleasure Plug’s smooth surface also makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. What’s more, the price is an affordable $11, and the plug comes with a sample pack of Don Wand’s platinum lube as well as a cute carrying/storage pouch.

FST glass pleasure wand 

If you prefer a larger and longer toy, try the FST Glass Pleasure Wand for $14. We think it’s the best glass anal dildo available today! This toy is made of smooth and odorless glass, and it features a linked bead design. There are three beads that you can use to enhance the pressure and experiment with anal stretching.

What’s more, the cutest feature of this toy is its pink heart-shaped base. When you push the wand all the way in, the base will keep it inside. That way, you can use this toy as a butt plug but enjoy its longer dildo-like length of a whopping 8.26 in!

Additionally, the diameter of the beads increases from 1.10 in and 1.14 in to 1.29 in. Those measurements are not too extreme, and they will suit most newbies and experienced anal lovers.

Wowlife bent graduate glass anal plug

If you want something completely unique, try this curved wand by Wowlife. The most attractive feature of this toy is its curved and tapered shape. It has two insertable ends that bend upward. The widest end is 1.75 in wide, and the total length is 8 in. At $14, this is one of the best curved toys on the market!

If you’re a beginner, you can use both ends to get used to the sensations of anal penetration and to stretch your booty out. Also, the ergonomic design of the curve works wonders for prostate massage. But since this toy hits just the right spots, you can also use it as a G-spot massager. Even though it has a larger surface area, it still responds beautifully to cold and warm temperatures.

Eastern delights small anal butt plug

The last toy on our list is the Eastern Delights small anal plug, which costs around $10. Its best feature is a textured and twisted surface. The curved surface can massively boost your pleasure if you twist the toy while sliding it inside your booty. Furthermore, the Eastern Delights plug has a compact width of 1.34 in, making it a fabulous choice for beginners.

Additionally, the total length is 4.3 in, and the base is 1.38 in wide. If you want to experiment with a textured plug, this may well be the best choice. To top it all off, the glass comes in a gorgeous pink color that makes it one of the best-looking plugs on our list!

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So which butt plug will you choose? Treat your booty to some of our recommended butt plugs today and have fun!