Guide to Acheiving Orgasm through Prostate Stimulation

Prostate pleasure is more and more about him: his orgasm would be powerful and bluffing. How to evoke the subject with his man and dare a duet ride to his point P? Can you orgasm from prostate stimulation? All these answers can be found at the desk of a experienced sexologists.

Tips for a nice trip

The point P (for prostate point) is to man what the point G is to the woman. When he is massaged, he gives a lot of pleasure. But to access this pleasure, several preliminary steps are welcome: on the one hand to understand his body, on the other hand to drop a few barriers to dare the adventure since this male gland is located under the bladder, about 7 centimeters from the entrance of the anus.

To accompany the men on this path, sex therapists dare the crazy bet to organize a special event P point, for solo men or couples. Program: better know this gland, its secrets, to invest erotically this intimate area. Then, learn to awaken, titillate, to discover new sensations.

Knowledge is a key to access the pleasure, like a woman needs to understand what the perineum and its role in sexuality , compares the sex therapist, who adds that this discovery can be a couple. The wife has a role to play, it can reassure his companion, who feels perhaps ashamed of his desire to explore this part of his body. Want to try point P? Here are the tips of experts to approach the subject with your partner and get there!

Understanding the apprehension of one’s partner

Behind the massage of the prostate hides’ new sensations, new sensations say unknown and therefore afraid of the unknown. To this is added the dark passage to borrow to reach the prostate: the anus. This idea often slows down men who fear losing their virility and sexual power. If the prostate was on the glands, there would be no reluctance!

This is where the partner can intervene and be reassuring. As sex lovers confides, many men think about it and some are trying softly. They do not talk to their companion for fear of being perceived as gay. The image of this pleasure is still difficult, but the information circulates more and more, we are on the right track.

A new and intense pleasure

The orgasm prostate is intense. On one hand, the pleasure can be multi-orgasmic, on the other hand, the sensation is more diffuse, more continuous, contrary to the ejaculatory pleasure more short (a peak and one goes down again). This prostatic orgasm can allow men to better understand the female orgasm because to reach it, you have to make yourself available, to be completely relaxed. Here, no mechanical pleasure, but a need for confidence. This can strengthen the complicity of the couple. The pinnacle of this potentially multiple and intense orgasm is ejaculatory orgasm at the same time. But for that, it takes a little practice. First tame her prostate to play, discover, and feel. How are we, ladies? How to put his man in trust?

Accompany your partner to prostatic pleasure

If women very often want to bring their partner on this ground, it is to share together new pleasures. But it’s never easy to get started.

You can start with a finger on the perinea area, because by massaging the perineum, we mass ricochet the prostate. It’s hard to go wrong because the area is small and is just between the testicles and the anus. Then if you want to hang around the anus you can. We then observe his reactions: our partner will withdraw our hand or move his body quickly if he is not tempted, or on the contrary, will arrange for us to stay. The concern is that to try the adventure without preliminary discussion, we take a risk that of closing his man and not daring to revive the subject.

The communication is required. To be comfortable, do not ask the question of goal in white. We can invoke an article read, a testimony, a book, and blog too. And we wait for the reaction. The man will be curious especially if it is explained that it is also good for health yes massaging the prostate has therapeutic properties and that it allows holding longer in bed.

Then the golden rule is not to insist. It is important that the idea makes its way (seven centimeters, right?). As Sexologists points out, the ideal is that man first confronts himself and tests himself. He can even warn his partner. It’s rather exciting to know that his man is trying things. Only he will be more attentive to his sensations, he will discover his body to better listen to his partner thereafter.

This is where the finger is invited, or the prostatic massager. The finger should also work as a masseur: the idea is not to go back and forth in the anus, but to “hello” (as if someone was calling) to the prostate. “No worries, however, the pleasure is not immediate. It all depends if the man is relaxed, still refractory. It takes time. This area wakes up gently, Sexologists tells us.

Everybody is ready? If you still have questions, go to the workshop. Prostate: The word does not dream, but we speak without taboos of intimacy. So, let’s introduce you to the prostate, which needs to be known.


Often unknown, Ms. Prostate is also unloved because it evokes cancer and is accessible through the anus, which can scare the male. In short, the prostate is scary! However, here we will sing his praises. You may discover it but it is very useful for the proper functioning of your pubic area and your masculinity.

Let’s start by getting to know Gentially

The size and shape of a chestnut, the prostate is a gland that is part of the male reproductive system. It is well warm under the bladder, in front of the rectum and surrounds the initial part of the urethra which takes care of him, to make his freedom to the urine by driving it out of the bladder.

The Prostate: What is it?

Chief in charge of sperm quality and reproductive bodyguard, she secretes a part of what will form the sperm. The secretions of the prostate will not only activate sperm motility but also prolong their life by neutralizing the acidity of the vagina. Even if it is well hidden and protected, it remains prone to aging and can become a source of complications.

The 3 Main Pathologies of the Prostate

Adenoma or benign hypertrophy: Very common, it affects almost all men after 50 years, to varying degrees. It is a benign enlargement of the prostate, which can cause a compression of the urethra, which passes right in, having the effect of more or less important genes: frequent urge to urinate, weakening of the jet, difficulties to urinate, and urinary losses.

Prostatitis: Acute inflammation of the prostate, it is characterized by urinary disorders with burning during urination, urgent needs and low back pain, but also fever and chills. It concerns all men, regardless of their age.

The cancer: As the first cancer for men, it is the most common (71,000 new annual cases in 2018 compared to 27,500 for lung cancer and 21,500 for colorectal), of which 69% of cases occur after 65 years. His diagnosis is done in consultation, digital rectal examination, which can detect abnormalities, coupled with a blood test for a PSA (Specific Prostatic Antigen). The slightest symptoms are to be taken seriously since they are similar to those mentioned above, namely urinary disorders. It is important to note that a lack of symptoms is possible, regular screening is the best way to ensure your health. These major pathologies are often responsible for urinary problems in men.