How to Choose the Best Anal Balls and Beads

Anal balls are also a very good type of sex items, the use of which can lead to truly unearthly sensations. If you insert anal beads or balls in the anus, then, both a woman and a man can experience a very strong pleasure. As well as vibrators, beads can be used as a masturbator, but you can also use them during sex with a partner to increase the pleasure. But what do anal beads feel like?

Anal balls a sex toy designed to stimulate the anus, consisting of several balls of the same or different diameter, connected by a thread or silicone cord.

What is the pleasure of anal balls?

If you decide to learn new, bright feelings – then anal balls, this is the best option. Abundantly lubricated with lubricant and gradually introduced into the anus, there is a pleasant feeling of fullness. After that, muscles come into play, a contraction begins, changing the rhythm from intense to fading and again. And now slowly we take out and get a crazy orgasm!

What kind of chains are there?

Anal chains come in various shapes and sizes, round and oval, with a smooth and grooved surface. For lovers of sharper there are models with spines. The most common options are 2 to 5 balls on a soft or hard coupling.

How to choose?

In order for the first intimate date with anal balls to leave only a pleasant impression about you, you need to choose a toy from a more delicate material. Silicone chains of small or different diameter are ideal. When choosing an anal toy, it is important to pay attention to the hitch of the balls; they can be on a nylon rope or on a silicone thread. It is more practical to use a silicone strap, it is easy to wash and treat with an antiseptic. But if you like a model with a nylon thread is sure to wear a condom.

The rule of operation of the anal chain:

  • After purchasing a toy, wash it thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial liquid soap.
  • Observe hygiene. It is best to do an enema in advance.
  • Lubricants choose in accordance with the material of the toy. Liberally lubricate the anus and balls.
  • When you first meet with anal balls, enter them in a prone position. You can put a pillow under the ass and bend your knees. Try to relax.
  • Balls are introduced very slowly, one after the other.

Play muscles, compress and strain. As the increase in pleasure, by not slowly, pull the thread. But newcomers better not to.

Sexual satisfaction is the basis of every human life. To get the most pleasure from sex, you should be liberated in their desires. And for this you should use at the time of sexual intercourse additional stimulating toys. They diversify sensations, complement the range of feelings. For anal sex, you need to use special products that stimulate the anus and greatly reduce pain. In addition to lubricants and helium, which contribute to this, you need to use additional products. As such toys can be used anal balls, chains and Christmas trees, which, as well as possible contribute to relaxation.

Everything you need to know about anal toys

In the course of the series of articles “Everything you need to know about …” I would like to elaborate on this type of sex toy like anal vibrators, anal balls (beads) and anal plugs.

For lovers, desperate lovers of thrills and not only – there are no prohibitions in sex, the main rule – it should be good for both. Anal sex is no exception, and certainly not pathological. With the growth of sexual appetite of partners, special attention begins to be paid to various “companions” of sex – such as erotic clothing, erecting lubricants, vibrators and various kinds of stimulants of sexual activity. Experimenting with a variety of sex toys, more and more followers find such a type as anal vibrators, anal balls and anal plugs. So, let’s take a closer look at this popular type of sex-accessories.

Anal vibrators – outwardly not much different from the classic vaginal vibrators, but taking into account the peculiarities of the human physiology, they are slightly thinner and have a slightly different shape – they help to further stimulate the partner during classic sex. The use of an anal vibrator is very useful for a partner – in addition to massage the prostate gland.

Anal beads (balls) are a thread on which various balls are strung. Beads are inserted into the anus, which in itself is a pleasure. The feeling of ecstasy, however, gradually increases when the beads are removed from the anus either gently, gradually, ball by ball, or jerks, or the entire thread in one breath. The most voluptuous sensations arise when the beads are pulled out from the anus at the time of the onset of orgasm.

Anal phallus plugs are made from soft latex, cyber skin, silicone or metal, have a different diameter for the gradual development of the muscular wall of the anus, and their streamlined shape is specifically designed to make the introduction of these products absolutely painless, very pleasant and soft. You can gradually increase the size of the phallus from minimum to medium or maximum.

How to prepare for anal sex and choose the best sex toy

The first rule – this should be preceded by a special preparation, consisting of all kinds of caresses. The area of ??the anus is a pronounced erogenous zone. It is directly connected with the nervous system, which transmits a feeling of sexual pleasure to the brain and causes a physical reaction. The muscles of the perineum connect both areas and induce one of them, depending on the type of sexual act, to take part in sensual sensations.

The second rule – lubrication is not enough. For easy and pleasant sliding, it is necessary to moisten the entrance crotch well and enjoy.

The third rule – for an unforgettable orgasm, you must use a variety of sex-stimulating toys – anal vibrators, beads (balls) and cork. They are suitable for both novice partners, and for experienced and experienced in the world of anal sex.

Theses in favor of choosing anal toys:

When the anus is stimulated with anal toys in women, the orgasm is much more intense than the clitoral or vaginal”

This type of sexual pleasures is not limited to the first anal orgasm with the participation of sex toys – after all, anyone who tried it once will definitely want to repeat”

According to the sexologist, the rectum is a complete erogenous zone, the same as the vagina. There are also nerve endings in it, which are responsible for pleasant sensations. In addition, in almost half of women, the uterus is located with a back bend. Anal sex gives them a chance to get a uterine orgasm, and it is rarely achieved even with vaginal contact And, completing a brief excursion into the world of sex toys, I would like to wish you a stormy, unforgettable sex with amazing impressions. The choice is only for you. Visit for more info.