How to Use Anal Beads with Your Partner

Love balls for vaginal use have been around for centuries and were originally used to strengthen the pelvic floor. Women used them to help them recover their overstretched muscles after birth. The use of the spheres produced a similar effect as the conical contraction exercises.

How to use anal beads? Early on, the bullets were modified to increase sexual desire. Instead of just one ball, which was held in the vagina by means of the vaginal musculature, several balls were introduced to increase the pleasure. Additional refinements quickly turned these balls into a real love hit that has found many friends to this day.

Love balls, which are also called pleasure balls or orgasm balls, are available in numerous designs today. In principle, there are one to ten spherical or egg-shaped objects (commonly called “ball”), which can consist of any waterproof material. Mostly the balls are connected together and a longer string on the last ball, which is inserted into the sheath, is used for easier removal.

This article focuses on love balls, which are primarily used for sexual stimulation; the pelvic floor is automatically trained with it. The bearer of such balls can be sure that they combine pleasure and body culture in the most pleasant way.

Common variations for vaginal use

The most common type of commercial versions consists of two interconnected balls with a diameter of about three to four centimeters. Often one or both of the balls is hollow and filled with another ball or partly with mercury. The filling vibrates when moved, irritating the wearer’s vaginal wall. At the bottom of the ball usually a longer thread is attached, with which the balls can be taken out as an alternative to the thread may also be attached a loop which is worn in the body.

Luxury variations usually have three balls connected by a chain. Rin-no-tama is called this sex aid, which means something like a ringing bell. The first ball of this extraordinary toy is hollow but not filled. It only serves to fix the position of the other balls.

The second ball is near the G point and is traditionally half filled with mercury. This high-density liquid metal swirls back and forth with every movement, constantly stimulating the sensitive area.

The third ball is made especially expensive. One or more fine wire tongues protrude into the cavity. A small metal ball embedded in the cavity, when moved, strikes against these tongues, which thereby begin to vibrate. These sounds are audible, and the name of the tool is exactly that sound.

Contrary to the concerns of many users, the sound of love balls is no longer heard once the balls have been inserted.

The wearer of Je Joue’Ami’  is spoiled in the most charming way. Your G-spot is continually massaged and the sensitive nerves near the vaginal entrance are irritated by fine vibrations. This permanent stimulation places the vulva at the center of feminine thinking and fuels the desire for union. When it comes to this, the man awaits an excited vagina that willingly receives the limb. After a short time, the woman experiences a sensual orgasm, which is described as particularly intense.

A stronger irritation, which can also lead to orgasm, is produced by love balls with built-in vibrator. These increase the lust of the wearer slowly to the unbearable. Some women wear such a Vibrator for hours before they give themselves to their spouse or satisfy themselves.

Gladly of people who make their own sex toys, the variant with exactly one bullet taken. This can z. B. the outer packaging of a surprise egg are alienated. This is easy and costs almost nothing! In one of the shells, a small hole for the string is drilled and a matching glass mullion is enclosed in the plastic sheath. Then the plastic trays are put together and dipped with the cord briefly in liquid wax. After cooling, a thin layer of wax has formed which becomes firmer and thicker with each re-immersion. Such a single bullet, when properly placed in the vagina, has a surprisingly stimulating effect.

Common variations for anal use

Of course, love balls can also be used anal. The balls used for rectal use are usually smaller and lighter. Particularly popular are so-called ball strands. These consist of three to ten balls, which are rigidly connected. The rigid connection has the advantage that you can introduce these balls deep into the anus and the intestine, as with a dildo, is stimulated.

Similar to love balls for vaginal use, there are many variations here as well. When selecting make sure that the balls and the connection are easy to clean. Hygiene is very important in the anal area.

Material and shape

Basically, any smooth, skin-friendly material and any cuddly shape can be used. The manufacturers of pleasure balls offer these in the entire range of possible materials and designs. In the range of popular suppliers, these toys can be found in almost unlimited material and variety of forms.

If you are overwhelmed by the abundance of offers, then it is best to start with a simple variant. The balls should be about three centimeters in diameter for vaginal use and not weigh too much, for beginners around fifty grams. The recommended material is silicone or latex. Such orgasm balls can be purchased in any sex shop or online shop for little money.

For high demands there are many more sophisticated models with more balls and additional stimulation. Traditionally, the choice falls to the already mentioned Rin-no-tama, which, however, is not easy to obtain. Alternatively, choose a model with vibrator or free-swinging inner balls.

Vaginal application

Irrespective of the variation, the love balls should hardly be felt after insertion. Pain the balls, then these are either too big or wrong introduced. Sometimes a little lubricant helps to make insertion easier.

If it is a single ball, or if the stimulating ball is not near the G point, the position can be corrected with a tampon.

If the balls are sitting correctly, then the wearer immediately senses this with the first movements. The shopping in the supermarket is an intoxicating experience of happiness and the anticipation of an overwhelming orgasm beautifies any obnoxious activity.

But beware! Too long wearing can lead to considerable muscle soreness due to the training effect. Beginners should not leave the balls in the scab for too long at the beginning. Only when you get a feel for how long wearing is compatible, you can experiment with the duration of the mission. Some women are enough for twenty minutes; others leave their balls in them for hours.