How to use Suction cup dildos for Orgasm

Who uses sex toys? According to the Sex Survey, 20% of French people would use sex toys against 43% of Americans and 49% of English.Did you know? In some countries, the law prohibits the possession of more than two vibrators per household.

What is the most popular sex toy?

In Sex and the City, Charlotte uses Jack Rabbit, the vibrating rabbit, a companion who caresses inside and out, who turns, undulates, is the star of sex toys and one of the most effective market.

What are geisha balls?

Geisha balls are two balls tied by a rope that is placed in the vagina. Each ball contains a ball of steel that under the effect of vaginal contractions rub and trigger sexual pleasure. You can find more sophisticated versions with mini-vibrators or pimples. You can use them at any time of the day without having sex.

Sex toys: are there any precautions of use?

A sex toy can be used alone or with two. Never forget to lubricate your sex toys to avoid all irritations and to multiply the desire, choose with remote control. Your partner will play the element of surprise for to make you reach pleasure.

What are the most used sex toys?

According to a survey conducted by, the most used sextoys are vibrators (35% of responses), dildos (15%) and geisha balls (13%). On average, people use their sextoy “a few times a month”, and 12% say they use it “only on special occasions”. 88% of respondents are reaching orgasm each time with their sextoys, and two-thirds say they are “completely convinced” by their first sextoy. The difference between dildo and vibrator is not very complicated.

What is a dildo?

Best suction cup dildos are used for penetration only. Dildos are often called vulgarly dildo. The best known of the dildos is the one that is molded and looks like a penis.

The dildo is essentially a sextoy for anal or vaginal penetration. The dildo can be characterized by a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. The variations are numerous dildo suction cup, dildo belt or dildo harness, anal sex toy.

What is a vibrator?

A dildo can also be vibrating, but all vibrators are not considered dildos. A vibrator by definition is a vibrating sex toy. The vibrator is not necessarily designed for penetration. For example a clitoral vibrator is a vibrating sex toy to stimulate the clitoris, but its function does not allow penetration (example: the famous duck vibrating). 90% of vibrators on the market are nonetheless used vaginal or anal penetration: and comes in multiple versions (rabbit, clitoral, anal, G-spot)

How to choose the best toy for you

There are so many different sextoys that it is sometimes difficult to know which one to choose, you are right.

First, decide if you want a sextoy that vibrates or not, then determine the texture, size and erogenous zone that you want to stimulate (clitoris, vagina) For example, if you are looking for both clitoral stimulation and vaginal vibration, the Rabbit vibrator should be right for you. And then, it is common, to have more than one sextoy in the drawer of the dresser according to the mood or the desires.

The lubricant, where, when, how, why, you’ll know everything:


For a more pleasant penetration, to overcome a lack of natural lubrication or just because it can not hurt, the lubricant offers you a softer sexuality. and all his team asked the necessary questions and gives you some tips for a more fulfilling sexuality.

Why use a lubricant?

The penetration is sometimes painful and it is certainly not the goal of a sextoy .On the contrary. The lubricant intimate, facilitates sliding and makes my masturbation so much more enjoyable. The lubricant becomes your ally. A lubricant bought in a specialized shop fulfills its function seriously. Many women use saline as a lubricant. Even though saliva turns out to be very effective the first few minutes, it dries and evaporates quickly unlike a professional lubricant. Hypoallergenic, all lubricants can be used with condoms. (Goodbye petrolatum that brings us only redness)

When to use lubricant?

The lubricant is used first in case of vaginal dryness. Vaginal lubrication is not systematic in us women and the intimate gel allows during penetration not to suffer from drought. In case of masturbation with a sextoy , the preliminaries are rare and the unlubricated vagina hardly receives a foreign body. The lubricant is strongly recommended so as not to irritate the vaginal walls. The intimate gel is then doubly recommended for the insertion of anal sex toys: The anal areas do not produce any natural lubrication.

How to use a lubricant?

Nothing simpler, a few doses on the sextoy and the entrance to the vaginal wall, well spread and you’re sure to enjoy all the benefits.

Which lubricant to use?

The best-selling and most recommended lubricants are water-based gels. High performance, they do not stick, odorless, clean easily unlike silicone lubricants. Most dildos are much more compatible with water-based gel.

5 good reasons to offer a sex toy to a woman

The sex toy has become trendy. Not so long ago, it was an object that was bought softly and hid shamefully. Now we talk about it, we even dare to show it to his friends and we laugh! Indeed, what harm is there to do well? If your wife or girlfriend does not have one, why not give her? A beautiful dildo or vibro with flashy colors or set with rhinestones is an original gift idea. To dare to offer one of these sex toys tends to a woman is a good idea because:

1 All women want to try without daring to act

2 She can explore her erogenous zones and discover new sensations

3 She can give free rein to her desires: clitoral and vaginal stimulation, anal penetration etc.

4 This gift for her is also a gift for you: nothing like to spice up the sex life. With the sex toy, you can excite during the foreplay and even continue to play during the act, your own excitement will be increased tenfold!

5 The sex toy is a fun solution against monotony, it spices sex life, it allows to vary the pleasures and let go: the sex toy is a weapon against the decline of desire

It is very easy to buy sex toys of all types on the internet, the prices are affordable and the choices are vast from dildos, vibrators, anal toys, butt plugs to an animal-tail fetish store. Delivery is discreet. For you to choose the one that could make him happy: a big realistic dildo, a thinner stimulator, a vibro rabbit? If in doubt, for starters, it is advisable to opt for a simple model. You will see in use what the girl wants to try.