Things to Know When Using Butt Plugs for a Perfect Experience

Butt plug is a type of anal stimulant sex toys designed to stimulate the erogenous zones in the anus. In shape, anal plugs resemble a small-sized dildo. Modern sex industry allows you to use anal plugs made of latex, rubber, silicone, and glass, plastic, metal. These products vary considerably in shape – from standard conical shapes to curved contours with ribs and spikes. Butt plugs can be equipped with a vibrating mechanism or a pear for pumping air. Like all anal stimulants, the tube has an extension at its base, preventing the object from completely immersing into the intestine.

Butt plug creates a feeling of fullness in the anus and has a certain effect on the sensitive areas, allowing you to achieve a more saturated orgasm. Both women and men can use anal plug. Applying a plug to expand and relax the anus will help solve the problem of comfortable penetration during anal sex. It is also possible to use the anal plug to constrict the vagina, for example, in the case of muscle weakness in women after childbirth. Curved plugs provide high-quality prostate massage. Options for using this sex toy are very diverse. Someone prefers to use the anal plug only during sex, someone walks with her around the house, and someone expands the range of sexual sensations, going out with a plug in the anus on the street. While travelling with a butt plug this is a very important matter.

Instructions for butt plug

Before you use the anal plug, you must make the right choice in the sex shop, if necessary, resorting to the help of a consultant. If before that the anus had not met with sex toys, then it is better to start with a small traffic jam. For comfortable and painless penetration during the first anal practice, it is better to choose a product made of soft silicone or latex. Do not immediately chase for large sizes in search of new sexual sensations. Too large diameter sex toys threatenmicro trauma and fissures of the rectum.

Before using the anal plug, you must maximally relax the anus. This can be done by a partner with the help of stroking and caressing the tongue. It is worth remembering about high-quality moisturizing, because the anus does not emit a natural lubricant. Therefore, the cork must be lubricated in sufficient quantities with a water-based lubricant. Introducing a cork should be smooth, neat and gradual, controlling sensations. It is necessary to avoid sudden movements and the introduction of the tube at once for the entire length. Butt plugs are not designed to make progressive movements, like a dildo. The toy is recommended to be placed in the anus and enjoy the feeling of completeness.

If the butt plug is used to expand the anus before anal sex, then it is necessary to hold it for a while, to get used to the sensation of the presence inside the object. It is also possible to use the anal plug with vaginal contact. Finding a stopper in the anus while simultaneously inserting the penis into the vagina will enhance sexual sensations.

The anal plug manual recommends using the product along with a lubricant. It is best to use the anal plug, lubricated with water-based or silicone-based lubricant. But to use grease on a fatty, vegetable-based, cosmetic creams, oils, petroleum jelly is not the best solution, because this can cause discomfort and lead to the destruction of the integument of the product.

The use of the anal plug also requires compliance with a number of hygienic recommendations. Before using the toy is best to do an enema, rinse the anus. It is necessary to wash the butt plug after purchase and before each use with warm water and soap. It is best to use the anal plug, wearing a condom. You cannot enter the sex toy into the vagina immediately after anal penetration, because the incompatibility of the micro flora of the rectum and vagina can lead to infectious inflammation. In this case, after each penetration it is necessary to thoroughly wash the products. Carefully executed instructions for butt plug will be the key to its comfortable and enjoyable use.

What are anal plugs used for?

What is anal plug for? Many who first came to the anal stimulant section of an online sex shop immediately have a question about the use of the anal plug. Why is it needed, because the anus is not a bottle of champagne? In this article we will try to figure out what an anal plug is for.


Being in the anus, this toy brings quite pleasant feelings to its owner or owner. Especially this effect is manifested during active human movements. In addition, the anal sleeve is a great way to enhance the pleasure that a girl gets during classic sex. The fact is that the simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and anus gives the representative of the fair sex completely new, vibrant sexual sensations. The pleasure of anal stimulation is achieved by the impact on the anal muscles; they are one of the most erogenous zones of man.

The peculiarity of anal stimulation is that in order to obtain sexual pleasure it is not necessary to make any movements, only the presence of the anal plug in the anus can be enjoyed. How to use butt plug? Butt plug during sex can be used by both man and woman. This allows you to enhance the pleasure, make the orgasm more vivid and long.

In addition, the use of the anal plug by a man has a positive effect on the strength and duration of the erection, since the anal plug acts on the prostate gland. Also, the use of the anal plug for permanent wear is becoming increasingly popular. It excites and prepares the anus for sex with a partner. When choosing a butt plug for these purposes, it is better to give preference to a sex toy which is of a neutral material such as silicone or glass. Metal and steel material is also an option. if you’re interested, check them here

Wearing the anal plug is just necessary before sex using a strap-on, it will help prepare the anus for penetration, stretch the muscles and prepare the anus. Also, for effective stretching of the anal muscles they use expanding plugs, which can be inserted into the anus, and then increased in size with a pear. Of course, butt plug, like any other sex toy for the anus, is recommended to use with anal lubrication. Since there is no natural lubricant in the anus, anal lubrication will significantly simplify the use of plugs.

How to insert the anal plug

After applying the lubricant, you can proceed to the introduction of the stimulator inside. If the tube has a large size or a specific shape, a smaller cone-shaped stimulator can be used. Such traffic jams very easily slip inside and after 10 minutes of being inside, the muscles will get used to and will be ready for a larger device. The easiest way to do it yourself. It will be easier for the girl to synchronize the movements of her hand with the sensations inside, thereby minimizing the involuntary contractions of the sphincter muscles and, consequently, any painful manifestations. Preparation anus for sex. The muscles of the anus, as a rule, are reflexively compressed when an attempt is made to insert a foreign body inside, in this case the penis. Hence the pain and discomfort. To avoid this, you can for some time to enter into the anus the tube. In 10-15 minutes the muscles will get used to the volume body inside and involuntary muscle contractions will stop. If the partner’s penis is quite large, you can use several plugs of different sizes. Conical plugs made of silicone, PVC, TRP, gel or other soft materials are best suited for these purposes. After intercourse, after about 30-60 minutes, the muscles of the anus will return to their original state.